Bliss-Illusion | Interviews (eng) & Videos

Interviews (eng) & Videos

  • 无常 (BLISS-ILLUSION) perform ‘虚极乐队 (The Age of the Last Dharma)’ in Studio. The song taken from the debut album “森罗万象 (Shinrabansho)” : Watch here
  • New Lyric Video for the song, “離·極光淨天” (Leave·Abhassara​-​Deva), a ritualistic track, an emotional burst of musical extremes. The track dedicated to most precious illusion.: Watch Here
  • RADII China talks about the release and the links between Black Metal and Buddhism to the interview with Dryad: Read here
  • Bliss-Illusion on the great chinese international webzine Live Beijing Musicwith mongolian leaders, Nine Treasures: Read here

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