Nine Skies + Riccardo Romano Land @ Black Box / Nice

18.04.2020 @ Black Box / Nice
Ouverture des portes: 20h00
Début du concert: 20h30
P.A.F: 17€ / 22€

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Nine Skies

Have you heard of this practice before? During WWII, soldiers were known to take precious family photos (and Pinup Girl photos) and put them under clear grips on their 1911 pistols – called Sweetheart Grips. Many of the grips were made from pieces of broken plastic windows from bombers. This paradox between violence and this feeling of affection is what it’s about in this album. 

Riccardo Romano

Musically, inspiration by Peter Gabriel’s “Ovo” or Marillion’s”Brave” can be found, combined with references to the tradition of the most iconic rock operas such as Jesus Christ Superstar. The album features many guests, including Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery of Marillion.

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