XCIII – Event Horizon


Event Horizon is the new EP of the avant-garde Band XCIII. It was composed, mixed and mastered by the band itself in November 2013 and April 2014, at the Forlorn Hope studios in Lyon, France. It’s a transition EP. We wanted to experiment new sounds, new genres. The result is a complex psychedelic journey composed by traditional black metal music and more. Still melancholic, the music finds its inspiration in both the essence of life and catatonia. It is a mix between cold eerie sounds and warm encouraging rhythms. The cover artwork, a simple white painted picture of trees, was made by Fanny R. 

XCIII – Composing, mixing, mastering 
– Mathieu (piano, syths, vocals, guitar) 
– Guillaume (Bass, vocals, synths, guitar) 
(Jonathan recorded some guitars too but he left the band during the writing and recording process)

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