Anesthetize est une association loi 1901 entièrement bénévole qui existe depuis 2010. Anesthetize se divise en un label et une maison d’édition.
Musically, the Association is located in the alternative field in the broad sense. We want to promote Metal but also Dark / Cold Wave and Trip Hop. In theory we accept all styles of music, as long as we can affix one of these labels: dark, experimental, psychedelic.e of Anesthetize's predilection?
Our authors write about arts and philosophy 
Pour le label, voir à ce sujet notre page « services« 
We receive a lot of requests and it may take us a bit of time to respond, do not hesitate to contact us by email. It is also possible that we feel that your style of music does not meet the criteria of the label In which case, we may not take the time to respond, depending on the number of requests we receive.
Shipments may take a little longer, since we work on a voluntary basis. Usually shipments are made twice a week. Regarding international shipments, it may happen that an item is lost. If you have not received your order after two weeks, please contact us, and we will answer as fast as possible
This porcupine is called Serge (like Serge Lama but he is a singer, not a llama. Nor a porcupine). The name of the Anesthetize association is inspired by a song by the English group Porcupine Tree. To spin the reference, we therefore decided that a porcupine (well ... Serge) would be our mascot. Clear.