Un label est une structure qui accompagne un groupe dans son développement. Nous proposons divers services qui vous accompagneront tout au long de votre processus créatif. Ces services sont bien évidemment gratuits pour les artistes que nous signons, selon les termes du contrat. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter us for more informations


We press your disc in various formats like digipack, digifile and/or vinyle (n.b .: vinyl pressing is expensive. We only press it when we have partner labels that contribute to the cost).


We distribute your music in our shop, as well as our partner record stores and of course on all the streaming websites (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music…).


We promote your music through webzines . We can also help you get some live shows. We have worked with many locations and we can therefore put you in touch with them.