Wonderground, the journal of alternative cultures of Anesthetize association, was created in 2019. This journal, closely linked to the activities of the association, is a space for reflection and exchange, which aims to offer various reflections on the notion of culture, by questioning its history, its topicality, its foundations and their epistemological implications. It will also be a question of disseminating certain reflections more widely which are usually more reserved for the academic world. Each issue will then have a well-defined theme and will consist of three parts: background articles, reading reports, transcription of a round table (virtual or real) on the theme of the chosen theme.  

While the first issue will present the writings of the committee members, founders of the review, future issues will be open to applications. Two issues published each year, in May and November. 

The journal will be available for free in PDF format but can also be purchased in print, A5 format with hardcover. 


#1 : popular culture [ PDF | Printed version ]

#2 : Culture and rebellion [ May 2020 : send your application ]


Pour postuler aux prochains numéros, veuillez vous reporter au point “Publications” afin de trouver la prochaine thématique proposée, ainsi que le lien vers le formulaire de contact. Nous vous demandons d’expliciter en quelques lignes votre CV (études, expériences professionnelles, travail associatif) ainsi que votre proposition d’article (max 300 mots). Nous vous recontacterons au plus tard 4 mois avant la publication dudit numéro afin de vous confirmer votre participation. 



Martin NEISS


Guillaume BERINGER

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